. (fut0nrev0luti0n) wrote in the_lovedones,

Hey, I just wanted to say "Hello" since I just joined, and while there aren't many members yet, I just wanted to let everyone know about some Loved Ones related stuff; I'm actually in charge of putting on their show this week, the day before they leave for the Bouncing Souls/Explosion/Let It Burn tour. It's "kinda" a "secret" show, but I know it's now listed on both their own and Jade Tree's site anyways, but if anyone's near the Rockland County New York area, I invite anyone to make it, just comment me, and I'll let you know whats up.


(EDIT: Oh yeah, I should also probably mention, that it's a FREE show, that's in our student center [so it's up there on the "intimate show" scale], and I'd love to get as huge a crowd as possible, barring everyone behaves, and doesn't get me in trouble and keep me from graduating, because that would suck)
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