Devin (freezey) wrote in the_lovedones,

I saw the Loved Ones acoustic set at sloth records today. They set up around 4 PM and played the following four songs:
Candy Cane

Dave broke a string near the end of 100K so Mike had to run out to the trailer to get a new one. While he was out, Spider was playing random little songs on an acoustic bass- I think "pop goes the weasel" was one of them. They told everyone that Tsunami Bomb wouldn't be able to make the show tonight (which I was unable to go to, sadly) because of customs.

Oh, did I mention that there were like ten people total in audience? This was right up close with ten people at MOST around. Really awesome.

Anyways, I talked with Dave after the set was finished. After shaking hands I asked if they had plans for a full length. He said after this tour they're going to spend all summer writing songs, and hope to have a full length out in Spring. He also noted that it might not be on Jade Tree.

Afterwords he invited me and a few other fans over to the trailer. I got a t-shirt and a sticker, and had a short conversation with Spider. I asked about the Kid Dynamite DVD that was announced a while ago and he gave me the details on it. Apparantly they just finished the interviews recently, and Jason will be editting the film all together- they plan for a Spring release date.

So anyways. Great music, great guys, and an all-together great day.

Oh, I also tried to record the show with my mp3 player. The sound quality turned out to be really bad (it reacts badly to loud sounds), but you can hear vocals and softer parts decently. All the stage talk is included and sounds normal, though. I haven't put it on my computer yet, but if you're interested leave a comment or message me on AIM. or something.
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